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Are Mojoheadz records real?

Are A&R Mojoheadz records real?

So I got an offer from A&R MojoHeadz in my sound cloud and I was wondering if it was real and what they can do for you.

I was extremely skeptical about this, but still decided to give it a try.

I sent the track and was sent back to me by Steve Benson, head of A&R, which said that the Mojoheadz Records team is committed to helping artists succeed in the industry, and they are willing to take care of the distribution, design, promotion and development of this track for free.

Steve Benson, Head of A&R

The only condition is that the track needs to be finalized (I agree with this, each label has standards that work in the industry) and besides, this is 100% my right to a master copy!

Well, this is not a prerequisite, you can do it in any other studio, or use these tips:

I paid because the price for mastering in a class AAA studio is very low (on average, it’s $ 500).

I understand that they are not as big as Armada Music, Revealed, SPINNIN’, Warner Music, but they look very good and they are also present in all promotional services and large stores.

They also do not take money for promotion, mastering and design and leave 50% of the profit. Major labels pay creators 5 to 15% and deduct all possible expenses from the profits! And at very strange prices (for example, 100 euros for the design of the cover with the label’s logo) or 700 dollars for mastering, and so on.

After a while, I released the track.

What are the results:

The release added to editorial SPOTIFY playlist (Shuffle Syndrome), got more than 300 000 streams, and also has rotation on the radio and can often be heard at parties. This result is much better than the result for the Armada Music.

Mojoheadz Records Release

Armada Music Release